Thursday, February 3, 2005

On the Subject of Getting Old...

Grr! So about 8 months ago I noticed that I have a small wrinkle between my eyebrows. (The downfall of being unable to hide my emotions, i.e. furrowed brows.) Every now and then when no one's looking, I'll sit with my eyebrows raised, therefore widening the space between my brows, hoping to flatten the wrinkle.

Last week I noticed that I have six more wrinkles on my forehead! Three above my left brow, and three above my right. If I lower my eyebrows, stretching out my forehead, thereby flattening the wrinkles, the one between my brows deepens. I'm stuck! I'm stuck with wrinkles! At 23! No matter which way I smoosh my face, the wrinkles worsen. I hate getting old, but I refuse to succumb to Botox. I use night cream, wrinkle smoother and four different kinds of moisturizer. I'm a beauty editor for pete's sake! I get the best of the best! But I still have wrinkles. Boo.
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