Saturday, June 12, 2004

Beer vs. Jogging

So I'm jogging in my ghetto-fabulous Brooklyn 'hood this afternoon about 1:38 p.m. when suddenly, the sky lights up! There, in bold cloud-shrouded letters are the words "Heineken Heineken Heine.." Yes, one of those jet-writer things. So I'm jogging. And my thought process goes a little like this: "It's hot, I'm sweaty. Damn, I'd like a beer. I wonder if all of New York is standing still, faces upturned toward the sky, thinking exactly what I'm thinking right now...Damn, I need a beer. Fuck this jog. I'm gonna go get me a beer." And I traipse back to my corner bar and grab me a Heini. That's some damn good advertising.

Yay, I'm going on a sushi date tonight. That sounds so cool..sushi. I recently discovered the trendy delicacy. :)

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