Friday, July 23, 2004

SATC, New Jersey Style

Geeez. Where do I start?! So I'll just provide an update on Tina's Little Life, sans the witty banter b/c I've worked my ass off this week for the 9-year-olds.

1. Met a guy. Seriously. My life is the epitome of SATC. Except I can't afford Manolo Blahniks, I'm not that skinny, and my hair's not that 'fro-ey. His name is Dave, and he's New York lova #7. Ooh...7's a lucky number. Maybe that means something! I tend to be v. superstitious, and I believe horoscopes, even though I make them up. But this reminds me..a good entry would be one that focuses on all my New York lovas. Maybe I'll save that for my lunch break today. If you're lucky. ;) Anyway, Dave's great. There's something about this guy that's different than the other six New York lovas. He's a musician. (Yay! Although, he's not exactly starving, but that's good. And he plays classical bass, not Blink-182 bass, but it's cool.) He's currently a paralegal, he went to Brown (Ivy League! I'm outta my league here...), and he loves sports. What's more is that his ex-girlfriend was on that reality TV show, Dream Job, where students compete for an internship on ESPN's SportsCenter. And she took third place, the only female to get that far. I only hope that he likes his girls girlie and not sporty because...I definitely didn't know that baseball teams play the same team three times in a row. Apparently that's common knowledge? Did you guys know that? But whatever. I'm totally willing to learn about sports, I just can't carry on a conversation regarding A-Rod, unless it's involving his cute-factor. But I love watching games, and betting on them. (I'm a gambling fool. Just between us: I place my bets on team colors, mascots, and locale. I usually win.) OK, I've really got to get to work. I'll save other updates for later! xo!

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