Thursday, March 3, 2005

Tina's Turning Point

Hmm, perhaps I'm at some sort of...turning point? I'm not sure. I'm 23, and I feel more self-assured than ever. I'm in love with my job, and for that, I feel immensely lucky. I work all day, rarely taking much of a lunch break, and I'm happy doing it. I'm fine with being single, and I've accepted my love handles...and my forehead wrinkles. I've grown attached to the chip on my tooth from junior year's tongue ring, and I don't mind the fact that I'm going to a BFF's wedding next weekend, sans a hot date. I don't give a pooh that the only rock star I ever dated dumped me after three weeks. (But I'm secretly happy that his band never made it.) I could care less that hot guys at bars hit on my practically-engaged roommate instead of moi. I have more good hair days than not, and my credit card debt has significantly decreased. I'm still a bad cook, and I like to sleep on weekends, but that's fine. I'm just ok with myself which is...weird. Maybe it's just a phase? What the F?

I mean, I am irritated that The Ex called four times last week, and he didn't call at all this week. I'm pissed that he didn't try to make out with me Friday night and pissed that he did Saturday night. Still no pleasing me there. So I'm flaky? That's ok. This is my turning point.

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