Monday, September 5, 2005

One of My More Self-Deprecating Entries

This new living situation is going to take some adjustment. You can't really count on boys to provide adequate outfit approval or love handle reassurance. But, I must say, Boy Roommates #1 and #2 are doing shockingly well.

Scenario #1
Me: I got new shoes today!
BR #1: Yeah? Are those them? They look very '40s. Nice.
Me: Yeah, I guess they do. They're $80 shoes and I got them for $20!
BR #2: Great deal!
They actually feined interest in my shoes! That's so sweet.

Scenario #2
I know I broke a cardinal rule by asking this question, but I was PMSing and I was desperate. Thank God BR #1 gave the correct answer.
Me: Hey.
BR #1: Hey, what's up?
Me: Um, so yeah I know I should never ask you this question. But say you saw me walking down the street and you didn't know me. Would you think I was chubby or just average?
BR #1: Um...
Me: I mean, I know I'm not skinny, nor do I want to be skinny. But would you say average or chubby?
For starters, what the hell was I thinking?! As if ANYONE would ever say, "Well, sure Tina. You're a little chubby." I know I sound so self-absorbed right now, but all girls go through this, right? If not, you're lying! I'm just dumb enough to need the reassurance...from my brand new BRs! Ugh. Anyway...
BR #1: You're average. I mean, you have a cute face, so I wouldn't be like, "Ugh!"
Me: OK, thanks. And I promise I'll never ask you that question again for as long as I live.
BR #1: No problem. Where'd that come from?
Me: Um, just one of those days!
And I bolt. Then I got to my room, mentally repeated the "cute face" line, and figured that meant that everything underneath my neck is chubby.

Tina! Will you ever learn to just stick a sock in it?! Ugh. Ew. I'm such a loser sometimes.

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