Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I Love You Enough To Buy You Things For Christmas

Argh! Holiday shopping. I used to love it. Walking around Independence Center back in my hometown of...Independence, MO. The lights, the sales, the big obnoxious tree, the sales. The only shopping season that sucked was the one when I worked at Old Navy, trying to earn extra money for my lavish, high school lifestyle. I would stand at the entrance near Sears in my navy blue T-shirt and jeans with uber-important headset and hand out blue mesh shopping bags with a pseudo-smile, while simultaneously listening to Santa-meets-disco holiday tunes. Ick.

Since I've become a grown-up, my to-buy-for list has dramatically increased, and even though I have a "career," I feel my income has been flushed down the poo-poo hole. In HS, I had my 'rents, grandma, my three closest friends and the one time I had a holiday honey, him, too. I had a part-time job, and the only thing I really had to pay for was gas...so I had lots o' money! In college, I had an exorbitant amount of extra change from student loans to pay my cheap Missouri rent and a part-time job to support my weekly habit of quarter draws and martini madness. My pledge daughter also happened to be a close friend, so that there killed two birds with one stone. I bought everyone else beer and spent a few bucks on my dad and g-ma.

But alas, The Real World. Now there's corporate secret santas, boss, dad, dad's girlfriend, dad's girlfriend's parents, grandma, friends from work, friends from college, friends from home, friends in New York, friends from various organizations... good thing I didn't join a book club. And I'll definitely have to kick the weekly habit of buying shoes in order to appease my laundry list of loved ones. Ooh. Epiphany! Perhaps I'm just lucky that I have a laundry list of loved ones. Unlike my monthly rent, they're worth a paycheck or two. Warm, fuzzy feeling. :)

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