Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Midnight TextFest With a Pseudo-Stranger

So I'm about to go to bed when I hear the familiar BEEP of my text message alert. It's Buddy. My first thought is that it's the roommate of The Ex Who Says We Never Dated. That Buddy liked to dive for buried treasure, which is another story in itself. Upon checking the number, I found that it's a Missouri area code. Buddy from Missouri? I wrack my brain. Ah ha! Buddy is a hot, Jared Leto-esque guy I met at Kelly's in Westport while home for the holidays...two months ago. We shared some laughs, a burger with friends at Denny's, and we went our separate ways. Why I have his phone number is a mystery. Our Midnight Two-Months-Later TextFest is as follows:

Buddy: I miss you.
Me: Thinking he has the wrong Tina. Wait. R u that guy I met at Kelly's?
Buddy: Yes ma'am.
It's not a mistake.
Me: Haha. Two months later. Um well if you ever want to come to New York it would b a pleasure to see u. I thought u were sweet. And hot.
Buddy: Well I really wanted to be your boy toy. You should send me a pic.
He did NOT just say "boy toy"! Hahahahahaha...
Me: I like toys.

OK, no, so I didn't really say, "I like toys." That would have been cool, right? Instead I said, "Haha am going to bed. email me and I will. " So not clever or witty. So not getting an email.

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