Sunday, August 6, 2006

Birthday Obnoxious

What can I say, I'm a Leo. I can be terribly shy and socially awkward, but I secretly looove to be the center of a attention. All week..."IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Hell, I even told the guy at the gas station yesterday, and he gave me a free Balance bar. During dinner and dancing, I would not take off my pink butterfly tiara. (Ooh, and at the club, there was an Abercrombie party...with lots of hot male models!)

And now I'm 25, which I actually LIKE. I cried when I turned 20, rejoiced at 21, got wasted at 22 and 23...and here I am. A woman who is just now beginning to grow up (only a little) and who feels immensely loved. To my pop and friends back home, here and all over the country: Thanks for being you. I no longer need to say, "Oh, it's just my dad back home." I have family all over the place. YOU! Lots of love.

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