Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Day at the Office Wellness Fair

So there was a 'Wellness Fair' here at my office today from 12-2pm. People from my gym next door came over and I was told they'd have Personal Nutrition and Fitness Assessments. Their Nutritionist is this older lady who gives off the 'Mean Old Lady' vibe. Anyway, so I went to her table to look at some nutrition fliers. Our conversation:

MOL: Let me know if you have any questions about anything.
Me (trying to initiate a conversation/seek help): Well, my biggest problem is that I eat too much late at night...
MOL: Oh, so is the problem acid reflux?
Me: No. It's weight gain. I eat before bed and gain weight.
MOL (openly grimacing): OK.

And then she just walked away. WTF? Thanks for the help. She could have been like, 'Don't eat past 8pm,' or 'Eat an afternoon snack.' Something helpful? Anything? On my way out of the Wellness Fair, the gym's Personal Training Manager stopped me:

PTM: I haven't seen you at the gym lately!
Me (shocked he's calling me out/feeling really guilty and fat): Oh! Well I had my wisdom teeth taken out last week. (It was the week before last.)
PTM: Oh! That's a good excuse then, no worries. I don't want anyone working out on pain meds.
Me (I quit taking the pain meds regularly over a week ago): Haha.
PTM: Let me know if you have any extra pain meds, haha!
Me: I don't.

Disclaimer: I am very grateful that my office housed a Wellness Fair. I just don't think my gym's Nutritionist is very friendly.

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