Friday, July 2, 2010

Nobody Hacks MY Dad

My dad's Yahoo email account got hacked. I know this, because he sent me a link about a Canadian drugstore. I happen to know his password. Knowing that it could take him five hours to figure out how to change it, I went ahead and fixed it. Then I immediately called him.

Me: Dad. Your email account got hacked.
Dad: What?! How do you know?
Me: Because you sent me a link to a Canadian drugstore.
Dad: What?! This is terrible!!! This happened before, I think. That... mailer...
Me: Yes, MAILER-DAEMON. You didn't change your password?
Dad: Yes! Mailer demon! I didn't know what happened. I feel so bad.
Me: It's OK. Don't worry, it happens to lots of people.
Dad: Even you?
Me: Well... no. I have Gmail. But I changed your password. It's X.
Dad: So I need this password to get on the Internet? What about my Favorites? Where I pay my bills?
Me: Dad, this is just for your Yahoo email address. Everything else is the same.
Dad: Even my Favorites?!
Me: Yes, even your Favorites. But your inbox is filled with spam. You should really get a new email address.
Dad: How do I do that?!
Me: I'll set you up with a Gmail account. It's better. More secure.
Dad: Well, I want to come up with the name.
Me: You don't want to just use your regular name?
Dad: Like...
Me: Um, no. Like your full name.
Dad: Isn't that bad?! I don't want my name out there!!
Me: It's OK. It'll be OK. I can switch over your contacts, too.
Dad: Like, my address book? Will you give them my new email address??
Me: Yea, sure.
Dad: But what about the hacker's? I don't want him to have my new email!!!
Me: It's OK, dad. He won't. But um, you should really take a basic computer class.
Dad: Like, on the Internet? Or where I get in my truck and drive?
Me: Um...
Dad: This is the start of you wiping my ass, isn't it?


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