Thursday, May 27, 2004

Hi. My Name is Tina, and I'm a Googler.

My fave hobby du jour? Googling. I google my friends, my worst enemies, weirdos, crushes, everybody. You'd be surprised. Everyone I google, shows up somewhere. Whether it's that spelling bee you won in the second grade or a 5K you ran and came in 46th place—it's there, and the world knows about it. So does Smithers.

I even Google myself. And the worst part? The VERY first item that pops up is a personal question I thought I'd posted anonymously. Considering I don't exactly have an older female to talk to except ultra-conservative Grandma, and my friends didn't know shit, I decided to ask an OBGYN about a personal concern. (There are sites for that, you know. There are sites for everything. How did we even get by when all we had was Encyclopedia Britannica?) Because you'd most likely Google me after reading this, here was my "concern":

From: Tina S. (
Feb. 2, 2002
I have been taking Alesse-28 for the past 5 months to regulate my periods. In the past month I have become sexually active for the first time. I take my pills like I am supposed to every morning, but I frequently notice "spotting," where I bleed in between my mentsrual cycle. My roommate says this is common with this brand of birth control. This is annoying. Is this true? What can I do to reduce it? I only want my period once a month. Not any more!

Fuck me. Now the whole world knows when I lost my little cherry. When I found this out about a year ago, I contacted the site and requested that they take my name off. They never did. Next time, I'll stick to real doctors.

But about my Googling addiction, do you guys ever do this? Am I a psycho people-stalker? Leave your comments, please!

PS There's also another Tina S.! She runs marathons in Las Vegas and is a janitor for a Christian church. Cool.

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