Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Whole New World

So I think I might move to the trendy town of Hoboken, NJ. For you non-New Yorkers, it's a beautiful, college-esque tiny town right on the river (with coblestone streets!) outside the city. It's only one-square mile, so I don't need a car. After looking at over-priced shit holes on the Upper West Side yesterday, I think this'll be a good decision. No smelly trash on the sidewalks. No toothless people begging for quarters. No rude Asians who work at bodegas selling over-priced, wilting daisies. No man in purple velvet tuxedo begging for my lukewarm, have drunk bottle of water and then demanding that I be his new BFF. (Got that one today... weird.) But if I miss it, NY's only a short subway ride away. Now onto bigger and better things—beer-drinking frat boys. A whole town full.

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