Monday, November 29, 2004

I'm an ALG*

I could really benefit from a punching bag. I am so hot right now. And not hot as in what Anne's BF's bro called me last weekend...which is so flattering b/c all I get is cute. And I don't mean that in an ungrateful way, cute is nice and sweet. But sometimes I just want to be hot and sexy — something I will never be.

I am hot as in pissed. I'm angry that I adore dunking donuts in my coffee. I'm angry that coffee could be calorie free, but I refuse to drink it without loads of creamer and sugar. I'm angry that I can't think of a better synonym for "loads," and I'm too lazy to grab my Thesaurus.

I'm angry that after 4 weeks on a specialized work-out plan, complete with free personal trainer and gym membership, I'm at exactly the same spot as I began, only my love handles are more obnoxious due to my fading tan. I'm angry that tonight I went to the gym and rode a bike (I hate riding bikes) and couldn't figure out how to work my heart monitor with matching heart-rate watch. On top of that, I'm angry that I wore satin panties to the gym. They stuck to my ass, which is soo yucky feeling. Don't wear satin panties when you sweat.

I'm angry that I'm getting an abundance of wrinkles on my forehead at 23. I'm mad that one boob is bigger than the other. And I'm angry that I have to get so goddamn personal on, but my therapy appointment isn't until Thursday. I love you guys.

*=Angry Little Girl

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