Monday, January 3, 2005


Boo. The holidays are over. I guess I'm sort of glad. After all, the holidays left me with a 5-pound weight gain and a $600 credit card bill. Ha. I'm exaggerating as usual. The night I walked in my apt. after a two-week haitus, my roommate's scale put me at a whopping 147 lbs. Whaaah! But the next day, I was back down to 141.5. Yeah. Still 10 lbs. more than I'd like, but whatev. I can see this going off on another Tina, weight and food entry, so I'll stop right there.

On a good note, I spent $240 today! But I got soo much stuff! Two pairs of jeans, a pair of red heels, seven shirts, a skirt, two pairs of PJ pants, two hot bras and two pairs of panties. Woooh! I know you don't give two shits about all that, but if I have any single, non-married readers left, perhaps you can relate: That fab feeling of having loads of brand-new clothes lasted all of two hours. Why? No dates, no boys. No crushes at work. No crushes. Period. No one to care if I look sexy or not. Boo.

But I did go back to the Hot Boy Grocery today. And yet again, loads of hotties for me to oogle. I did. In the deli line. For starters, Hot Boy #1 was holding everything up. He just had to get 1/2 lb. Alpine Lace Swiss, 1/4 lb. Land O'Lakes Sharp Cheddar, 1 lb. Master Choice Honey Ham and 1 lb. Boar's Head Mesquite Turkey. Daaamn. That took 15 minutes! During that time, I was racking my brain with something witty to say to him. Something like, "Hey! You're holding up the line, buddy!" (Insert sweet smile.) Or, "You gonna eat all that meat by yourself?" (Flirty laugh.) But of course, I just stood there staring at my meat of choice behind the glass: Master Choice Honey Maple Turkey. Boy #2 says to Boy #3: "Do we have to get a number or is this the line?" Boy # 3 shakes his head. Why didn't Boy #2 ask me that? Lord knows when I have a question and no friends are around, I scope out the hottest-looking specimen out there. Anything to spark up a convo, b/c Lord knows I'm terrible.

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