Sunday, January 1, 2006

The NYE Hunt

It's 11:43 p.m. on Dec. 31. Always the same, whether at a bar, a party or Times Square. The tension builds as single folk attempt to position themselves for the Big Kiss. Single boys and girls have likely narrowed down their prospects to two or three lucky candidates. It's obvious—they're looking around, ensuring that their prey in fact, do not have a kiss already scheduled. They zoom in like a hawk, strike up their best smile and start a conversation, perhaps about the slobbering drunk retard in the corner. They silently pray that the convo lasts until 11:59 p.m. so any talk can cease to make way for the Big Countdown leading to...the Big Kiss.

In my case, I had selected two candidates last night. I had my eye on one, the other, well, simply a runner-up. I was lucky, as both boys were in my group of friends, although I had just met them that night.

11:43 p.m.
I inconspicuously lean in towards my pal, JoAnna.
Me: Psst! That guy next to you, I'm kissing him at midnight.
Jo: What?! I am! I already talked to Anisa about it!
Anisa is the mutual friend between Hot Boy and Us. Anisa is more Jo's friend, giving her precedence over the Kissing opp.
Me: What?! But I wanted to kiss him! I've been eyeing him for an hour!
Jo: But we haven't been here for an hour!
Me: Well, OK, you can kiss him. Your heart was broken last. I'll kiss the kid next to me. But can I maybe kiss him later for kicks?
Jo: Of course! Thanks Teen!

The Kid next to me starts talking to me around 11:50 p.m. He's familiar with the drill. We chat, ask questions, feigning interest, and before we know it, it's 11:58. The countdown ensues, the Kid slams his yager shot, I grab his face for the Big Kiss. He's obviously shocked, but pleased, and attempts to make the kiss last longer than necessary. I kindly pull away, turn to Cute Boy next to me, as Jo is finished with her kiss, and I kiss HIM. The night quickly comes to a close, but I do know this: 2006 is gonna be a good one.

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