Friday, May 30, 2008

New Yorkers Are Sluts

It's true. The average American woman has had roughly six sexual partners. But the average female New Yorker? Twenty. 2-0. I'm not kidding. Why the large discrepancy? It could be any number of things:
  • The Bible Belt. Perhaps they're waiting until marriage to do the deed.
  • Marriage. When it comes to America, New York may as well be another country. Whereas most folks marry in their 20s, NYCers tend to tie the knot (if at all) in their 30s. More single time=more sexy time with more people.
  • Stress. Though wonderful, New York is a stressful place to live. With 1.7 million people living within 23 square miles, it's a giant cement melting pot of conflicting, high-strung personalities. They alleviate that stress by going to the gym and getting it on.
  • The volume of potential partners. You can hook up with someone in New York, and chances are, you will never see that person again. But you hook up with someone in rural America, and it's bound to be a poorly kept secret.
As for me? I'm not telling. I'm probably more your average American woman than New Yorker. But then again, I likely won't marry until I'm in my 30s.

1 comment:

  1. Hmm... I lived in NYC for three years and had three partners. But two of them were in the first 6 months I was living there.

    I had plenty of chances for lots of crazy sex... I was just too shy to pursue it though.

    Dang! Then I met my husband right before I turned 24. And that ended the crazy-sex potential.


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