Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 3: A New York Ass-Kicking

Significantly easier. This is likely for two reasons. 1. COB was not there, so I was not as scared nervous. 2. The DI had us sample various obstacles, thus, I spent a few minutes waiting for other recruits to finish so I could take my turn. After some laps and stretches, we were split into two groups, namely, those in fatigues (the old-timers) and those in black pants (the Groupies, aka me). My platoon was taken into the middle of the pit o' hell, where the DI selected a girl (NOT ME!) to crawl up onto this semi-uphill net made of rope. Said girl hopped up onto this net of sorts and began to flap around like a dying fish crawl through this rope, while six of us watched. When she got to the top, the DI instructed her to flip head first onto the ground via a somersault, landing on her feet. She looked at him like he was crazy. I looked at him like he was crazy. She did it, though he essentially had to manually flip her body and lift her down. I got in the back of the line.

The DI moved on to the next device while one girl at a time crawled through the rope-net. Up next? A rope swing near a log and a pit of water, that resembled an oversize tupperware container. The object? Swing over the log, taking care not to fall in the water. Hoping he wouldn't notice that I did not crawl through the rope-net, I got on the rope swing. I didn't get very far. I tried again, and got on the other side of the log! Hallelujah! "I did it!!" I squealed! "No, you didn't," DI said. "The rope was between your legs; it should have been to the side of you." I picture Tarzan. "Oh." I walk back to the rope-net and try that. I start crawling. I flail around in the middle of the net. I feel like a giant bass. When I get to the top, I wait for DI to assist me with my somersault. "Tuck your head, bend your legs," he instructs. I am frozen. Somehow I do a flip of sorts and he lifts me down. Later, I find that this rope-net gave me rope burns and bruises on my arms (above). No pain, no weight loss gain, I guess.

Now we move on to a giant wall with a rope attached to one side, some pegs on the other side. As DI demonstrates, I am scrapping my jaw off the rubbery pit. He scrambles up the rope/wall all GI Joe-like, only to peg his way down the other side. I recall thinking to myself, "If I can go up and over that wall before my two weeks end, this will all be worth it." He motions to a recruit. After  a couple of tries, she makes it to the top. I am scared for her; I can't hold back. "Oh! Be careful!" I shout. Another girl looks at me and laughs, "You're such a mom," she says. I do not know what to say to this. The girl on the wall makes it down in one piece. DI suddenly looks at me. He wants me to go up the wall. Uhm... I make a run for it, grab the rope and try to scramble up the wall all Spiderman-like, only to slide back down. He teaches me how to use the rope to get up to the top. I do this. I am scared. I am now holding on for dear life to the top of this wall, legs dangling, trying to scurry my legs up to meet my hands and get on the other side. I am frightened of falling off the damn wall altogether. I hear a recruit shout my name, "C'mon Tina, you can do it!" Somehow I pull myself on top, now belly-side down. Where is the f**king peg on the other side? DI instructs me. Scared. I place my foot on the peg. Still scared. Another peg. Now I am low enough that if I were to fall, I would not break a limb. I make it down! On my feet! I feel good. I am Power. No. Wait. I am SHE-RA, PRINCESS OF POWER!


  1. She is WOMAN... hear her roar!!!!!! You go girl!

    I promise it won't kill ya... I think! ILU, TOM
    The Ole Man

  2. Haha, dad. :) You're up awfully early today!


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