Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Holiday 2010 Fashion Preview

As written for fashion blog iheartheels.com
Is it that time already?! The only thing about working in fashion, or in publishing, or I guess working in any industry other than burger-slinging at McDonald's (be jealous — I was once the Mickey D's Employee of the Month, complete with engraved plaque), is the fact that you can rarely live in the moment. You're always looking ahead at least three months.

I recently attended the Holiday 2010 Preview for Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, which brought back memories of working at Old Navy during the holiday season of 1998. I was a greeter/bag passer-outer, and the only thing I recall is that the cheesy '70s-inspired holiday tunes got old real fast. The painful recollection quickly dissipated when I laid eyes on the season's upcoming styles, set to hit stores this October.

Banana Republic doesn't disappoint, with chunky jeweled accessories and plenty of sparkle on everything from sequined clutches to peep-toe pumps, perfect for that holiday party. In terms of ready-to-wear, the slightly pricier Gap, Inc. brand was all about the cardigan — cable-knit, oversized, boyfriend, fur-trimmed, you name it — all available in muted, season-appropriate hues.

Old Navy on the other hand, was what you might expect: cheery, bright and trend-focused. Outerwear in every color of the rainbow, bold sweaters and must-have prints like stripes, plaid and argyle made a strong appearance.

Gap remained ever-classy in a minimalistic display, predominantly adorned with basic pieces sprinkled in with a few trendier items. Opposites also attracted in a major way with hardcore biker jackets paired with feminine dresses and ankle booties.


  1. I was excited about this post until I got to the last two words: ankle booties. Please, Tina. Please tell me that these ridiculous shoes will go out of style soon. I love everything else (hello, pretty BR dress! I will be picking you up this fall!) but ankle booties make me cringe (and make my ankles look super-fat.) Sigh.

  2. Sadly... NO! At Alloy we have a two-page spread of them, booties. :( I refuse to buy, kind of like the sandal-boot. Ick.


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