Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm That Girl

I've just realized...I am that girl. No, not THAT girl, or even that girl. I am The Girl who makes others do my dirty work for me because I don't want to get in trouble. For instance, I saw Neil eating a bagel. I didn't bring any lunch and all I have is yucky canned soup in my desk. I decided that I wanted a bagel, too. Immediately.

Me: "Neil! Where'd you get that bagel?"
Neil: "In production."
Me (In my best pouty face.): "I want one!"
Neil: "Go get one."
Me: "I don't know anyone in production."
Neil: "You know John. Call him to bring you one."
I dial ext. 304. No answer.
Me: "He's not there."
Neil: "Just go get one."
Me: "Will you get one for me? I'm shy. I don't know the production people."
Neil: "I just got one! No. Maybe later."

I still don't have my bagel. And I'm not going to go get it because I fear getting dirty looks from the production people. I don't want to anger people. You're thinking, it's just a damn bagel. It is, but I am just That Girl.

1987. My neighbor's house. I was sitting in my neighbor's house with my first-ever boyfriend. BJ was four, and I was six. The older woman. We ate some M&M's. I wanted more. Immediately.

Me: "BJ! Go ask your mom if we can have a few more M&M's."
BJ: "OK."
A few minutes pass, and BJ's mom walks out.
BJ's mom: "Tina! Did you ask BJ to ask me for more candy?"
Me (In my best pouty face.): "No, I didn't."
BJ's mom: "Yes, you did! I heard you! If you want something, you have to ask me yourself."

She's right. But I never asked for the M&M's, and I went home crying. I am That Girl, and I will probably always be That Girl. JSYK, I stand up for what I want when it's important. I can move to New York with $2,000 and no job. I can drive to DC and march with a million feminists on the White House lawn. I can even yell when people on the subway do me wrong. But when it comes to bagels and M&M's, I'm a big mush-ball.

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