Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Stupidest Pick-Up Line Ever

So we're at this pub at First and Willow. Some cover band called "The Motherless Goats" (don't ask) is playing all my faves (No Doubt and Blink!), and I'm totally rockin' out. I happen to be wearing my black flats with the silver buckles, and Courtney's sporting her magenta heels. Both pairs of shoes just happen to have pointed toes. A scruffy, middle-aged man approaches me, mid rock-out.

Weirdo: Excuse me, do you both shop at the same shoe store?
Me: Huh?!
Weirdo: You and your friend, do you guys shop at the same shoe store?
I glance down at my shoes, and then look at Courtney's.
Me: No. Mine are black!
Weirdo walks away.

OK, what the F?! What was that? Curtis and Jon both say not to approach guys—let them approach you. Well, if they're going to say retarded shit like that, what's the point? I'll get an early start on what my life'll be like for the next 40 years and buy 12 cats and 47 plants.

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