Saturday, December 24, 2005

Kansas City Nights

Top 10 Reasons Why Last Night Was Worth Making a Top 10 List About:

1. Had dinner at Ruby Tuesday with an ex-BFF-turned-friend-again. During dinner, a 5-year-old in the booth behind me tapped me on the shoulder. He then stuck a chewed chicken finger in my glass of water. His parents just sat there. That's Generation Z. Yikes.
2. Got free Diet Cokes because I was the "Designated Driver." Or so I told them.
3. Got a massage from a bald guy wearing a blazer.
4. My personal fave: Met a guy named Regina. Visual: Regina was African-American and wore dirty jeans, combat boots and a white sweater that showed his toned midriff. He wore mascara and sporadically applied a shimmery pink shade of Wet 'n' Wild lipstick when he thought no one was looking. Regina continually kept fixing my hair and would jump in our photos and strike a pose when anyone whipped out a camera. Then he asked me for five bucks, so he could get some food.
5. A big guy kept having his friend take our me and the big guy together. I started to get nervous that the tasteful pics would wind up on the 'net, until he lost his Sidekick. No problem there.
6. Met a pseudo-rock star named Buddy. He had long hair and Jared Leto eyes.
7. Had the best meal I've eaten at Denny's...ever. And yes I had both dinner and breakfast within a six-hour period.
8. Statistically, my hometown of Independence, MO, is the Meth Capital of the World. It's also the town where Harry S. Truman was born and where the Mormons think Jesus will come back when he returns. (Btw. Happy early birthday, Jesus.) Well I found out that some people I went to high school with actually do do meth. Ew. So sad.
9. How is New York? I hate it when people ask me that question. Perhaps it's the best thing acquaintances can think to ask me. It's nice and perceptive, considering I forget where nearly everyone except my immediate friends and family live and work because my memory is equivalent to that of an 80-year-old's. But I still hate it. So to answer your question: New York is fine. It will always be fine unless we get a repeat of 9/11, God forbid. So it's still there, still an island, the buildings are still there, still blocking out the sunlight. I still can't understand what more than half of the people are saying and the homeless are still break dancing for money. That my friend, is how New York is.
10. Got to spend time with my rarely seen lovelies Jessi, Joey and Gwen.

BTW: Have you ever rejected someone's friendship on Friendster? So bad. I just received a friend request from a random guy I've never talked to. Generally, I'll be anyone's friend until you prove that you're a jerk, but on Friendster, I prefer to actually know/like my friends. So when I received a request from Barry, I said NO, I do not want to be Barry's friend. I get a response: "SUCCESS. You have rejected a friend request from Barry." How bad does that sound? It's like saying, "You have successfully reached BITCH status."

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