Thursday, December 29, 2005

Slumpity Slump Slump Slump

Oooh dear. I feel like I've gained 11.3 pounds since arriving in Missouri. All of the jeans I brought with me are so tight all of a sudden! It's no surprise as I've been living off of chocolate, peanut butter, waffles and gourmet dinners at mediocre restaurants. And I'm in a slump. I'm a frumpy girl in a shitty slump. I've even renewed my membership. This is so embarrassing. Good thing I'm not still an avid beer drinker, or I'd have gained 22.6 pounds. Ugh. Boo. Sigh. I hate and every stupid boy who "winks" at me. Keep your "wink" and stick it up your "ass." Ha. That makes me smile.

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